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An active community volunteer, past member of the City’s Historic Preservation and Design Review Committee and current member of the Planning Commission Trevor Macenski has the essential experience that’s perfect preparation for a city councilmember. With his direct knowledge of Benicia’s needs and opportunities he will be an informed representative, who will bring another fresh perspective to the City Council while preserving the traditions and history of Benicia. I encourage all Benicia voters to join me in supporting Trevor Macenski for Benicia City Council.

Lionel Largaespada

Strong leadership, uncompromising integrity, and the courage to consistently make decisions that you honestly feel are in the best interest of Benicia, are essential qualities of a member of the City Council. Trevor Macenski has consistently demonstrated these qualities as a Planning Commissioner, and I’m confident that he will do the same as a City Councilman. There is definitely not a shortage of challenging issues facing the City of Benicia, and I truly believe that Trevor will be successful in working with his colleagues on the City Council, City staff, and members of community to effectively address these issues. Please join me in supporting Trevor Macenski for the Benicia City Council.

Mark Hughes

I believe Trevor Macenski is a great choice for Benicia City Council. He has the experience of being on the Planning Commission coupled with an understanding of the importance of technology in decision making and communication that will prove necessary in this new world post pandemic.

Christina Strawbridge

I’m asking for your support in November, and I will go the extra mile to make sure that Benicians are safe and we continue to make sure living in Benicia is a great day by the bay.